Amsterdam Mobile Guide

Amsterdam Mobile Guide

The Amsterdam Mobile Guide was created for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions.  Development began late 2008, shortly after the iPhone SDK was released, based on designs provided by Brink Media in-house staff, Brandon Motwani.

The app featured location-based content that presented nearby resources in Amsterdam.  As well as app links to google maps and public transit schedules.  In later versions, an offline custom, zoomable map was also added to provided visitors with the resources needed on the street.

With reviews in the NY Time’s In-Transit Blog and consistent online coverage, the app soared up to 22nd in it’s category for the US App Store upon launch in March 2009, and always enjoyed enthusiastic, positive reviews by users – consistently rating in the top 200 apps within it’s category.

UPDATE: In 2010, the technical resources for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) were consolidated under the purview of headquarters in Amsterdam, meaning that much of the work that I and Brink Media had done for the New York office were subsumed into the international website.  Despite its on-going popularity, the Amsterdam Mobile Guide was removed from sale in late 2012 as a part of that process.  The content was transferred to Brink Media, who is considering adapting the data for one of the apps in their Brink Guides series.

Role: Sole developer and Project Manager, working closely with BrinkMedia’s UI Design team to develop an interface conforming to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
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