Custom LMS System

A custom Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training clients, designed to enhance the learning experience for large-scale departmental employees. The system was built and designed by an off-shore team with Joomla and Flex, with an administration panel for dynamic content management.

Role: Technical consultant for compatibility and UI/UX design. Developed an enhanced user experience via front-end structural, layout, and asset modifications. Managed off-shore team for technical specifications. And programmed a bridge between the Flex player and Flash animated content.


TokyoFive Website

Business website for the Tokyo Five clothing brand.  The website was built using Magento and flash components for the interactive style guide. The Coming Soon Splash Page was developed completely in flash and featured a fullscreen video to introduce the brand.  Initial elements for the page included eyes that followed the mouse cursor on the website, as well as dynamically animated sequence for the kanji on the page (trigged by rolling over the boxed glyph on the screen).  The animations were developed…

Role: Flash Developer for the ‘Coming Soon’ splash page; Programmer for the embedded flash style guide.
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BrinkGuide Mobile App Series

An iPhone/iPod Touch series of mobile travel guide applications developed internally by BrinkMedia for major cities worldwide, including San Francisco, London, New York and Tucson.

Role: Sole Developer and UI advisor for the iPhone app; Programmer and design collaborator for the supporting website. Technical project lead, including advising on editorial and data management approaches, as well as brand/product conceptualization.


iPhone Skyscraper Ad

A rich media flash ad to promote the newly launched Amsterdam Mobile Guide iPhone application.

Role: Flash development and design consultation; client deliverables
Technology: ,

BrinkDVD Video Banners

Rich media video banner ads distributed through Google AdWords to promote newly released DVDs.

Role: Optimitization and programming for Google AdWords specifications
Technology: ,

Watty & Meg Website

Business website for the New York Watty & Meg Restaurant, including a flash shell template and dynamic html content driven by XML.

Role: Sole developer
Technology: , , ,

Austria Banner Campaign

A rich media banner ad campaign developed for the tourism market

Role: Flash implementation for the client’s online ad network
Technology: ,

Cool Capitals Website

Website featuring tourist and editorial information on five european capitals, developed by a consortium of official travel boards for each nation.

Role: Flash developer and primary technical contact for flash content and programming. Conceptualized and programmed the fullscreen, random transitions as well as an interactive grid for multimedia display and deep-linking content. Built within a custom navigation template developed by BrinkMedia staff.

RFI Films Website

Professional website for the RFI Films production company

Role: Modifications and debugging for the flash programming
Technology: ,

Zco Jeans Website

Brand website for Zco Jeans

Role: Modifications, updates, and optimization for flash content and programming specifications, especially concerning the use of third-party components
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