iPhone Skyscraper Ad

A rich media flash ad to promote the newly launched Amsterdam Mobile Guide iPhone application.

Role: Flash development and design consultation; client deliverables
Technology: ,

BrinkDVD Video Banners

Rich media video banner ads distributed through Google AdWords to promote newly released DVDs.

Role: Optimitization and programming for Google AdWords specifications
Technology: ,

Austria Banner Campaign

A rich media banner ad campaign developed for the tourism market

Role: Flash implementation for the client’s online ad network
Technology: ,

RFI Films Website

Professional website for the RFI Films production company

Role: Modifications and debugging for the flash programming
Technology: ,

Zco Jeans Website

Brand website for Zco Jeans

Role: Modifications, updates, and optimization for flash content and programming specifications, especially concerning the use of third-party components
Technology: , ,


BRINK Mag Website

An internal social media project developed by BrinkMedia as a citizen journalism forum for progressive arts and politics.

Role: Programmer for specific flash modules on the site including the widescreen slideshow on the homepage, the shop browsing interface, and the DVD feature widget. Lead programmer for UX assessment and interface improvements for the proprietary dashboard administration panel.

Holland Website

The US portal for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, providing tourist information and updates for all things Holland.

Role: content updates and maintenance, including flash modifications to the site header and temporary campaigns

Endgame Entertainment Website

Professional website for Endgame Entertainment production and finance company.

Role: Development and design for the entire site; Client communication and main point of contact

PayPal Giving Widget

A general fundraising widget developed for viral distribution. This widget was created as a second phase of the MySpace IMPACT / PayPal Fundraising Widget, developed as a single application that dynamically responds to customized campaign interfaces designed by users within the accompanying authoring panel. PayPal Labs has undergone a lot of changes in the intervening years, including a launch of the new X.Commerce platform.  Through the transitions, the domain for the labs division at PayPal has changed multiple times.  Currently…

Role: Sole flash developer, Project Manager, Lead technical point for both BrinkMedia and PayPal staff. Full integration of the MySpace/PayPal Fundraising Widget into a dual purpose application for web distribution. Client contact and advisor for design.
Technology: , , , , ,


Google OpenSocial Widget

A beta widget launched with Google’s OpenSocial platform on iGoogle and Orkut

Role: Sole flash developer and Project Manager