iPhone Skyscraper Ad

A rich media flash ad to promote the newly launched Amsterdam Mobile Guide iPhone application.

Role: Flash development and design consultation; client deliverables
Technology: ,

Cool Capitals Website

Website featuring tourist and editorial information on five european capitals, developed by a consortium of official travel boards for each nation.

Role: Flash developer and primary technical contact for flash content and programming. Conceptualized and programmed the fullscreen, random transitions as well as an interactive grid for multimedia display and deep-linking content. Built within a custom navigation template developed by BrinkMedia staff.

Amsterdam Mobile Guide

A successful iPhone/iPod Touch travel application ranked as high as 24th in the US iTunes App Store following launch in March of 2009. This app consistently rated in the 200 apps within it’s category and garnered notable attention in media outlets.

Role: Sole developer and Project Manager, working closely with BrinkMedia’s UI Design team to develop an interface conforming to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.


Holland Tulip Girl

A viral mail campaign launched for Valentine’s Day, built to interactively select and send a bouquet of tulips to friends and family based on user selections.

Role: Lead flash developer working with 3D rendering artists to deliver an interactive and customizable experience; client communications and lead contact.
Technology: , , , ,

Holland Concept Presentation

A flash presentation developed on an internal BrinkMedia team as concept proof for a revised us.holland.com, eventually selected for development.

Role: Team lead for concept development, programmer and UI designer for the flash presentation
Technology: ,

Holland Website

The US portal for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, providing tourist information and updates for all things Holland.

Role: content updates and maintenance, including flash modifications to the site header and temporary campaigns


1000 Dutch Delights Website

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions website providing tourist information outside of Amsterdam

Role: Sole flash developer, layout and design, client interaction