Holland Tulip Girl

A viral mail campaign launched for Valentine’s Day, built to interactively select and send a bouquet of tulips to friends and family based on user selections.

Role: Lead flash developer working with 3D rendering artists to deliver an interactive and customizable experience; client communications and lead contact.
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Holland Website

The US portal for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, providing tourist information and updates for all things Holland.

Role: content updates and maintenance, including flash modifications to the site header and temporary campaigns

PayPal Giving Widget

A general fundraising widget developed for viral distribution. This widget was created as a second phase of the MySpace IMPACT / PayPal Fundraising Widget, developed as a single application that dynamically responds to customized campaign interfaces designed by users within the accompanying authoring panel. PayPal Labs has undergone a lot of changes in the intervening years, including a launch of the new X.Commerce platform.  Through the transitions, the domain for the labs division at PayPal has changed multiple times.  Currently…

Role: Sole flash developer, Project Manager, Lead technical point for both BrinkMedia and PayPal staff. Full integration of the MySpace/PayPal Fundraising Widget into a dual purpose application for web distribution. Client contact and advisor for design.
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Google OpenSocial Widget

A beta widget launched with Google’s OpenSocial platform on iGoogle and Orkut

Role: Sole flash developer and Project Manager

PayPal Facebook Fundraising Badge

A Facebook application developed for creating a customized fundraising badge embedded on user profiles and shared with friends.

Role: Maintenance and Improvements to flash interface in phase two development
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PayPal Storefront Widget

A flash widget created by PayPal Labs to allow for viral distribution of a website storefront. Users can create and sell their products directly from the widget through PayPal.

Role: flash developer (not lead) for TypePad/General Storefront Badge and Authoring Tool. Programmed page flip transition and developed the sub component flip transition concept/structure. Client interaction, QA, debugging consultation.

MySpace IMPACT / PayPal Fundraising Widget

A co-branded fundraising badge for charity organizations and the 2008 presidential campaigns developed in conjunction by PayPal and MySpace. The widget featured several high profile national campaigns, including notable political candidates in the 2008 presidential race and an online holiday fundraiser featuring Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Nation.

Role: Sole flash developer, main client contact, flash widget interface and programming of external calls to paypal applications and myspace API