The Multipotentialite

VIDEO: “Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling” by Emilie Wapnick @ TEDxBend

I do love seeing people speak about these common characteristics, championing our collective strengths and promoting the value of the approach as a model for versatility, adaptability, and unique insight. [read more]

What is a Project Catalyst?

• Someone with multi-disciplinary ability: a high level of versatile skills, experience, and competence.
• Someone with cross-disciplinary insight: who makes connections between concepts and resources which propel projects to new levels of excellence.
• Someone who learns constantly, efficiently, and expertly.
• Someone who is adaptable to many different roles within a project.
• Someone focused on facilitation through leadership and collaboration.

Inspired by the Nike career of a man named Kevin Carroll… [read more]

Narcissistic Job Applicant

Narcissism by advocate_x

I read a fascinating critique on employment application strategy the other day. One of the points made in the article, was simply that it is important to talk less about oneself in a cover letter, and focus instead on what value you can provide to the hiring person or organization. In short: use less “I” and more “you” in your approach. The interesting part, however, is that I am finding it far more difficult to implement than I would have imagined! [read more]