Anastacia E. Gutierrez

Photograph of Anastacia E. Gutierrez

Anastacia E. Gutierrez
Project Catalyst
1 520 344 2340

“I am passionate about collaborating and conspiring with others to build more meaningful experiences in the world.”

Hello! My name is Anastacia.

I’m a multi-disciplinary generalist currently in the process of relocating.  I work as a catalyst in a variety of capacities to move projects forward at the confluence of technology, design, and innovation – focusing on quality and context.

Much of my time is spent enjoying the quiet of my home or walking in the miles of nature that surround it….

And yes, I do spend too much time attached to my laptop!

Why you’ll want to work with me…

Possessing a combination of competence, integrity and versatility, I’ve consistently been a valued collaborator to both colleagues and clients.  Problem-solving with efficiency, creativity, and dedication are cornerstones to my work.  More than that, I come to every project truly caring about the results and striving for the best.

An outline of my skills and experience…

I’ve worked in several fields as a professional: archaeologist, project coordinator, campaign fundraising director, programmer, copywriter, technical consultant, and most recently a web and mobile applications developer.

  • Project Facilitation and Consulting

    I work regularly with colleagues to help them understand and wrangle in all of the facets of their project goals, offering insight into the possibilities and challenges involved.  I credit these skills mainly to my ability to comprehend and evaluate contextual systems, patterns, and relationships in detail, allowing me to engage and assist others with the options available to them.

  • Problem-Solving

    I am not easily intimidated when it comes to new obstacles.  As an autodidact who is tenacious about finding solutions, I’m determined to find a way to make things happen.  Problem-solving has been the impetus for acquiring a wide range of new skills and experiences in my professional and personal life.  I apply a similar strategy to any issue I encounter when working toward a goal: step up, figure it out, make it work, and then move forward.

  • Organization and Management

    Organization and efficiency are an innate part of my approach to work.  I am constantly scanning the situation for improvements which eliminate redundancy and encourage excellence.

    In a management or supervisory role, I prioritize communication, transparency, accountability and collaborative equality between colleagues.  Over time, my experience has also grown to include basic accounting, hiring and interviews, optimizing procedure, and small business operations.

  • Technology and Design

    Lean and dynamic businesses require people who can step into many vague and changing roles, jumping in to learn new software or methodologies as needed.   A history of working with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses has made me adept with a wide range of tech facets, like:

    • photo editing and manipulation
    • providing software tutorials
    • producing proposal presentations
    • graphic layout/design
    • social media strategies
    • online marketing
    • internet research
    • troubleshooting hardware or network issues

    These are in addition to my interactive and programming expertise for online and mobile resources and/or databases as a web and iOS developer.

  • Research, Writing and Editing

    Research is a natural consequence of curiosity.  With an academic and professional history in research and field-based science, I have an affinity for knowledge and inquiry.  I sincerely enjoy being able to probe for nuance, gather details and synthesize them into a valuable, whole perspective — adapting information into it’s most essential form and building new insights.

    Meanwhile, my proofreading and composition skills have been assets in every previous line of work.  Past projects include copywriting web content and newsletters, email communication, procedural reports, technical writing, data analysis, and more.

    A list of my previous print and online publications can be found here.


In both personal and professional endeavors, a well-balanced blend of strategic, technical and creative acumen allows me to undertake a broad range of projects, integrating logic, imagination, and execution.

  • Web Development and Programming

    I’ve been working as a professional programmer and designer since 2007.

    Working in a variety of capacities for an extensive project list involving web, social, and mobile media, my experience includes project management, full-stack development, MVC and object-oriented programming, WordPress custom theme and plugin development, UI/UX design, API integration, flash banner ads, viral social widgets, video and flash presentations, and native iOS apps.

    I was the developer and project lead for the PayPal Lab’s MySpace IMPACT and PayPal Fundraising Widget launched in 2007, an international viral charity widget used in several notable national campaigns, including political candidates in the 2008 presidential race and Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Nation.

    I also created, developed, and manage, an online directory for ‘glamorous camping’ destinations around the world.

    Stop by my portfolio for a closer look at past projects.

  • iOS Mobile App Development

    Since 2008, I’ve produced and released over a dozen applications in the App Store, ranging in content from mobile travel guides to yoga sessions and to-do lists.


    Amsterdam Mobile GuideMonaco Travel GuideYogaHour with Darren RhodesBrinkGuide: San Francisco EditionBrinkGuide: Sicily EditionBrinkGuide: New Delhi EditionBrinkGuide: Edinburgh EditionBrinkGuide: Brighton EditionBrinkGuide: Manhattan EditionBrinkGuide: San Francisco Free EditionBrinkGuide: Manhattan Free EditionBarTab KeeprBarTab Keepr LITE2do BY day

    (My personal apps are highlighted above.)

    I’ve worked extensively with Objective-C and iOS SDK specifications for native applications on Apple mobile devices, including MediaPlayer, CoreLocation and CoreData libraries, as well as multi-threaded environments.  And I developed a scalable, extensible base code library and project template structure that allowed me to create new travel guide location apps by modifying a single configuration file and supplying a set of graphic design assets.

    My first iOS project was as developer and project manager for the Amsterdam Mobile Guide, an iPhone app commissioned by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions that ranked as high as 22nd in the US App Store upon launch in April 2009.  At release, the Amsterdam Mobile Guide set a high standard for free travel guides on the iPhone (later known as iOS) platform, defining functionality that would later be replicated by other guides and receiving favorable media attention, including a review in the NY Time’s In-Transit Blog.

  • Art, Illustration & Photography

    Pen & Ink • Fine Art Portraits • Abstract Art & Patterns • Watercolor • Acrylics • Painting • Pastels • Technical Illustration • Photography • Product Design

    I have an art portfolio of  over 150 drawings and paintings produced over the past 20 years – most created according to personal interest, some created by commission or request.  In 2011, I began applying that artwork to products that sell worldwide from my Zazzle shop.

    I also really enjoy producing technical illustrations and photographs, which are skills I employed as an archaeologist to document artifacts and site excavations.  And I’ve successfully transferred my photography experience to helping small business owners develop online product catalogues by staging photographs that define and enhance their brand’s products.

    Most of the artistic stuff ends up online at my personal website: A.E.G. Artistry.

  • Events, Crafts and Construction

    Event Planning • Building and Fabrication • Furniture Restoration • Keepsakes • Gift Wrap • Floral Arrangements • Jewelry Beading • Scrapbooking • Ceramics • Sewing

    I often specialize in ideating, managing and creating special gifts or events for others, working with clients and friends to produce keepsakes and memories that stand out. I call these “ensemble experiences” because it involves crafting intricate and thoughtful details into an elegant and cohesive whole that is highly personalized. Previous project examples include: catered dinners, party decoration/set design, surprise event planning, keepsake scrapbooks, memento boxes, furniture refinishing, custom artwork and the like.

    I’ve also handled other projects focused on building and fabrication according to custom specifications.  Examples include: inventing and constructing an archaeological flotation machine that conserves water by using a recycling standalone setup; a custom designed fine furniture dresser built from cherry laminated wood; landscaping and design for a courtyard party; and so on.

    The possibilities for an innovative approach to creating unique environments and experiences are virtually endless.  It’s one of the more creative endeavors that I enjoy because, done well, a thoughtful and unique gift or experience enriches life in intangible ways.

What I look for in my work…

Inspired and thoughtful projects.  Strong, collaborative teams where people are consistently eager to achieve better.  Dynamic roles in which versatility and cross-disciplinary experience can be core assets.

I relish projects that embrace a sense of discovery and curiosity, paired with a sense of creative potential.  For me, there’s nothing better than discovering new things and evaluating the possibilities.  Work is at it’s most gratifying when I and colleagues can share those priorities.

I am generally attracted to organizations that are adaptive and purposeful.  I believe that collaboration is best built upon a foundation of personal responsibility, paired with mutual support and enthusiasm.  Work environments that successfully balance fun and casual with serious and efficient are invaluable!

What motivates me?

I am driven by my personal values.  Work that makes a positive impact and requires me to learn new things is especially appreciated.  And I consider working with kind, principled people who value sincerity and diligence to be an important professional priority.

I am a quintessential generalist in almost every way.  Never the type to pursue expertise in a singular skill set, I have instead consistently chosen to develop my versatility.  I consider this an absolutely inexorable part of my own human character: that I am and enjoy being many different things at once, and that such diversity brings richness and clarity of perspective to my contributions.